Game Ranger Firewall Problem fix

Game Ranger Firewall Problem fix.
Game Ranger Firewall Problem issue solved fixed by Haseeb Ayaz.

1st Step
  Open the control Panel.
There, Go to All Control Panel Items.

2nd step
Go to Advanced settings in the left column.

3rd Step
Select Inbound Rules.

4th Step
 Now select New Rule from the Right column.

5th Step
Select Port and Press Next.

6th STEP
Select TCP or UCP whatever you want and
Below select Specific level ports and type 80 or 81.
Press 2 times Next and then.

7th STEP
Type the name as HTTP and click Finish.

All done. Enjoy the game on game ranger now. No more Firewall Issue.
Share this link to many friends in trouble. Thank you.

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